Hidden Agenda

A novel by Anna Porter

Republished in North America
by Felony and Mayhem, 2017

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Would a man about to kill himself make a dental appointment? Judith Hayes, a freelance journalist, doesn’t think so. She was the last person to see George Harris alive before he left his Toronto publishing company and stepped — or was it pushed — in front of a speeding subway train.

The police called his death a suicide. Judith thinks it’s murder. Gutsy and good-looking, Judith Hayes once worked for the handsome Harris. She knows his company is in the red, with millions owed to the bank. But when she’d interviewed him that afternoon for a magazine feature, he hadn’t talked like a man planning his own death. He’d talked like a high-powered businessman with a breakthrough deal in the works and big dreams about to come true. But had one of those dreams turned into the nightmare that had gotten him killed?

Praise for Hidden Agenda

“Crisply written, ingeniously plotted … an impressive debut.”
Globe & Mail

“Superior fiction. Crisp prose, inventive plot, convincing characters… A major new talent.”
San Diego Union

“Lively … mysterious deaths and plenty of insider publishing stuff along the way.”
The New York Times


Hidden Agenda, 1985
Irwin Publishing, Bantam Books, Dutton, Alyson and Busby, 1986
McArthur and Company, 2008
Also published in Japan, Denmark, France, Holland, Turkey, etc.

Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda
Originally Published by
McArthur and Company
Format: Paperback
Publication date: November 2007
ISBN: 978-1-55278-689-5
Pages: 322