In Other Words: How I Fell in Love with Canada One Book at a Time, 2018

A lively, charming, gossipy memoir of life in the publishing trenches and how one restlessly curious young woman sparked a creative awakening in a new country she chose to call home.

In Other Words
Buying a Better World

Buying a Better World: George Soros and Billionaire Philanthropy, 2015

In Buying a Better World, Anna Porter gives a critical examination of the new world of billionaire philanthropy on the international stage.

The Ghosts of Europe: Journeys through Central Europe’s Troubled Past and Uncertain Future, 2010

One of the country’s most distinguished writers and publishers returns to her roots to explore the consequences of democracy in the former Habsburg lands.

The Ghosts of Europe
Kasztner's Train

Kasztner’s Train: The True Story of Rezso Kasztner, Unknown Hero of the Holocaust, 2007

The true, heart-wrenching tale of Hungary’s own Oskar Schindler, a lawyer and journalist named Rezso Kasztner who rescued thousands of Hungarian Jews during the last chaotic days of World War II — and the ultimate price he paid.

The Storyteller, 2000

Reissued to honour the fiftieth anniversary of the ill-fated Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Anna Porter’s heartfelt memoir of her grandfather situates an extraordinary family and its homeland within our collective imagination.

The Storyteller


Cover of Gull Island

Gull Island, 2023

A haunting psychological suspense novel about a young woman who visits her remote family cottage seeking answers to a murky past — for fans of Catherine McKenzie and Amber Cowie.

Deceptions, 2021

A savvy art world thriller with a strong, independent heroine and the follow-up to The Appraisal. Richly atmospheric, set in Strasbourg, Budapest, and Paris, this witty, sophisticated novel will satisfy readers of political thrillers by Alan Furst and Philip Kerr. Deceptions is a thinking-person’s thriller, a romp to the last satisfying page.

The Appraisal

The Appraisal, 2017

In the vein of Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie novels comes this year’s smart new thriller with literary chops. When wealthy octogenarian Geza Marton hires art expert Helena Marsh to buy back his family’s Titian painting, Helena flies to Budapest to close what she expects will be a reasonably simple sale. But nothing is ever simple in this beautiful, flawed city where corruption abounds.

Bookfair Murders, 1997

“Anna Porter’s The Bookfair Murders is really two stories: a murder mystery set against a background of wheeling and dealing in the publishing game — a John Grisham with book agents instead of lawyers — and a romantic adventure of the kind Mary Stewart used to write.” — Quill & Quire

Bookfair Murders

Mortal Sins, 1987

Strange things are happening in downtown Toronto. An expensively dressed corpse has been unceremoniously dumped in front of Brandy’s Restaurant. Meanwhile, the notoriously reclusive millionaire Paul Zimmerman has suddenly granted an interview to Toronto journalist Judith Hayes…

Hidden Agenda, 1985

Would a man about to kill himself make a dental appointment? Judith Hayes, a freelance journalist, doesn’t think so. She was the last person to see George Harris alive before he left his Toronto publishing company and stepped — or was it pushed — in front of a speeding subway train.